USA Kung Fu Academy

45 Plant Rd., Hyannis, MA (508) 771-2620


About Us

Since 1992, USA Kung Fu Academy has fostered a pro family atmosphere with a support system of caring students and instructors, inside and outside of the school.

The school is involved in social and community events and is a regular participant in parades and local charity events.
Who Can benefit from training at USA Kung Fu Academy?
Men, women and children alike have all discovered the benefits of Kung Fu. Many study Kung Fu as a way to develop agility, coordination and a strong physique. Knowledge that you will have the skills and knowledge to protect yourself instantly and effectively. Indeed Kung Fu may save your life.

What We Offer

USA Kung Fu Academy offers traditional Kung Fu training for the mind, body, and spirit. We provide a professional, friendly environment to enhance your martial arts training. You will learn effective self defense techniques that include kicks, punches, strikes, joint locks, take downs, throws, and submissions while getting in top physical shape.

There are separate classes for kids, teens, and adults with each starting from beginner to advanced levels. We encourage you to visit our school and watch our classes. You will be impressed with the quality of our students' knowledge and the professionalism of our instructors.

what we teach

USA Kung Fu Academy’s style of Kung Fu (Tzu Jan Chuan) is comprised of several traditional styles taught separately. Our philosophy is to be natural and without thought in our movements.

Tzu Jan Kune Chuan covers all forms of combat, using the entire body as a weapon. All levels of training include development of proper body mechanics for self defense, health, fitness and also classical Kung Fu weapons. Each level of progression includes both technical and practical applications of each movement, with emphasis on focus and extension of energy. We teach Tzu Jan Chuan using traditional methods, and maintain high quality self defense that has been tested in centuries of combat.
We teach the body to defend itself not just self defense.