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I walked into The Kung Fu Academy completely stressed and depleted from Graduate school. I study Tai Chi and Qi Gong Monday and Wednesdays at 10am, and this class is without a doubt the best Tai Chi and Qi Gong class I have ever experienced. I went to school in Seattle, and experienced many well-known Chinese instructors in Tai Chi and Qi Gong, and they don’t hold a candle to Sifu Cruz and Suny (the instructors for this class). They combine scientific theories in physics with physiology and movement, along with the true and traditional Tai Chi forms. They bring the best of both worlds into every class, and inspire you to keep practicing all week and throughout your day.
In just a few months I have already noticed changes in the way I move, and my posture. My shoulders have opened up, and I have become more aware of my body mechanics. My spacial awareness is improving, and even the way I walk my dogs on the beach has changed. The muscles in my legs are getting stronger, and I no longer shuffle when I walk, because they have taught me to isolate my major muscle groups in a much healthier way. All of these elements will help improve the way I age and my health for many years to come. If you are in search of long term health, this is the right place. I am grateful to have found the Kung Fu Academy in Hyannis every day. 

-- Gwendolyn Carlton



My name is Joe Zide and it is here at the USA Kung Fu Academy where I sail through the sea of knowledge that is called Kung Fu. I am a proud practitioner of Kung Fu, the style called Tzu Jan Chuan to be exact (The way of natural and spontaneous fist.) I am equally proud to call Sifu Eric Cruz my Captain and Compass through that endless sea.

Even though I have learning challenges, epilepsy and a slight stutter it has affirmed for me the value of patience and determination along with making me want to push that much harder. Because of these challenges it has been difficult for me to make friends and because of Kung Fu my family has grown beyond Kung Fu brothers and sisters.

When I went for my Black Sash I considered it a rebirth and a Bar Mitzvah by fire, still my journey getting there was challenges and fun to me and the learning then, and now was and is still the greatest game ever played. So I say to those like me, the learning challenged. You can do it
too because we have an innate understanding of the value of determination it’s not exclusive to those society calls normal. Sifu doesn’t just teach Kung Fu he also teaches life lessons along with undeniable truths like the importance of adaptability not just in Kung Fu.

In our darkest hours it is easier to quit then to have the strength of character to go on. You can ask anybody they’ll tell you the same thing maybe not in those exact words but you’ll get the message. If you want proof I’d suggest watching the Special Olympics.

Joseph Zide



U.S.A Kung Fu Academy has played a great part in my childhood.  It helped me to make friends, teach me self-discipline, and personally the school has become like a second home to me.  I have been at U.S.A. Kung Fu Academy for as long as I could remember, and for the past 13 years I have come to know the members of the school like a second family.  My master Sifu Eric Cruz is like a second father figure who always looked out for me as well as helped me become who I am, alongside my parents, and I am grateful for everything he and the school has done for me.  To me, both Sifu Cruz and U.S.A. Kung Fu Academy have taught and reinforced many lessons of life.  These Life lessons have great value that have helped me to strive in becoming a person of good character, and I will cherish them for as long as I live.

Doyle McGuinness



USA Kung Fu Academy, is a school to learn the ways of self-defense and health.  As much as this is true, this school has been more than just that to me.  I have been a student of this school under Sifu Eric Cruz for over 13 years, and I am still going to this school.  Before I started learning from this school, I was quite an introverted child, I had a hard time communicating my thoughts to my peers to a point that I missed out on a lot of things in life. My brother and I started at the same time, and since then, I learned a lot over the years. You would assume kung fu is only fighting, punching and kicking, but it is more than that.  It is a lifestyle that becomes ingrained in what we do, how we act, how we treat people and deal with situations in life.

Through USA Kung Fu Academy, I’ve learned humility and respect through trial and error among my peers here, and that it is alright if mistakes were made, mistakes and learning from them is a part of learning not just kung fu, but anything in life.  Believe me, I reached black sash level a few years ago and have been teaching classes here, and I’m still learning to this day.  “Accomplishment through effort”, which is what Kung Fu roughly translates into English, this phrase is a very true statement, since you must put effort into anything you do to accomplish anything of value in life, even if you made mistakes on the way.   Through kung fu, I was also able to find friends in my teachers, my peers and my students.  So in a way, USA Kung Fu Academy is as big a part of me as I am of the school, and I am honored to have this school be part of me and my family’s lives.


Dunovan McGuinness


My name is Michael Ricker, I’ve been with Usa Kung Fu academy for eleven years now. Having grown up in this school, a lot has changed over the past eleven years. I started Kung Fu because my older brother Connor Gramazio had been doing it for so many years, by the time I finally started, he was a black sash and all I wanted to do was become like him. Along the way to becoming like my brother, I watched as my teachers and fellow classmates ended up become some of my closest friends and mentors. Due to this kung Fu is more to me than a simple martial arts school, it’s become a second home.

About five years ago, I finally accomplished the goal I had set when I joined, I got my black sash and became like my brother, but by this point I realized that there was so much more to the school then the sash that goes around our hip. One saying that is rather popular in the school is “Accomplishment through effort” essentially, if you put the work in, then you will benefit from the experience and with enough effort, you will achieve your goal. This saying combined with the idea that “mistakes are never just mistakes; they are an opportunity to do better” has driven me through the last eleven years.

While either taking classes or helping teach them through the years, I have followed Sifu Cruz’s advice and tried other sports. I played and developed a passion for lacrosse, playing it for about three years. After those three years, I moved from lacrosse to Rowing, and with a little assistance from everyone at the Kung Fu school, I became pretty decent at rowing. This past spring, I had the opportunity to compete in the New England regional championship with the University of Rhode Island. In the end the boat I was in, came in second by 1.2 seconds. While devastating I thought back to what I learned in Kung Fu, I thought of how accomplishment through effort has driven me this far, and as long as I put in the effort over this next year I can beat that crew at the regional championship. Every morning when I wake up at 4:45, many thoughts go through my head, one of the most prominent thoughts is how I want to do my very best with rowing, because I don’t only represent myself or my university when I’m out on the water, I represent Usa Kung Fu academy. My friends and mentors have given me so much throughout the years that to forget about them is unthinkable to me.

Now as I’m headed back to URI for my second year, another year of balancing two majors, and two minors, along with Rowing, and other extracurricular activities I reflect on all that has happened over eleven years. It is an honor to be a part of this school, and it’s with a heavy heart I say goodbye to the teaching staff, my friends in the coming days. Nevertheless, I know that with everything they have given me, I am ready to take on the coming year. I truly appreciate what Usa Kung Fu academy has given me, and I hope that this testimonial can in some way give back to the school that has given me so much.

Michael Ricker
Political science and Communications Major
Arabic and General business minor
University of Rhode Island

My name is Ned Doherty and I started training at USA Kung Fu Academy at the age of 7. Eleven years later, now at the age of 18, I am a black sash who continues to train with Sifu Cruz. Before I leave for college, I could not be more honored to write a testimonial for the school. Kung Fu has played such a large role in my life and my time spent with the school has made me who I am today.

Kung Fu is more than just a sport to me. It is more than the forms we learn or the sparring we do. The school and its teachers give their students a way to learn, grow, and approach life. Personally, I have had the opportunity to have grown up with USAKFA as a major part of my life. “Accomplishment through effort” was a phrase that I heard repeatedly throughout my years at USAKFA. Nothing can be completed without putting hard work into what someone is trying to do. Determination pushes a person to put all they have into the things they do. Along the way, everyone will make mistakes. I have made plenty over the years. The important thing that my time at USAKFA has taught me is that it is okay to make mistakes because people can learn from them. Mistakes are opportunities to grow and better oneself.

I have never been the most outgoing person. When I was younger, I was very shy and I still feel the effects of that today. I am still a somewhat shy person and I do not always react how I should to some social situations. However, USAKFA has been a place where I felt I could try to change that. The community I found at the school is a big supportive group of friends that has become a family to each other. They are the people that I trust and can depend on. With them, I was able to challenge myself to be better and try to improve myself not just in Kung Fu but also in the other areas of my life with the comfort that I was surrounded by people whom I trusted.
USA Kung Fu Academy has been a second home to me over the years. The lessons I learned here will stay with me as long as I live. The people around me have inspired me to be the best possible version of myself every day. Nowhere else could a person find such an amazing community with the amount of knowledge and skill that can be found at USA Kung Fu Academy.

Hello, my names is Vinny Fasolino and I have attended USA Kung Fu Academy for 15 years. USA Kung Fu Academy has been a huge part of my life. I began training in April of 2000 and I’m so grateful for my mother signing me up. Growing up training at USAKFA has made me the man I am today. It taught me right from wrong, good from bad, and most of all to care for others. You see, a lot of people think Kung Fu is just kicking and punching or self-defense, but it’s so much more. It teaches you to never give up, have the courage to face you fears, care for others, self-discipline, and most importantly influences your life to be better every day in every way. They teach honesty, humility, and respect. Growing up I have lost my father, both grandfathers', my step dad, uncle, and nana. I'm 21 and for every tragic moment I thought it was the end. But with the support and love from USAKFA I've learned that theirs a light at the end of the tunnel. I learned that things happen in life, but everything will be ok it’s not over. I'm eternally grateful for them. USAKFA is not just kung fu it’s a family. The kwon became my second home and my fellow practitioners became my second family.

In October 2006 I earned my black sash at 12 years old and to be honest I wasn't too confident before the test. To be honest I've always been a heavy set guy and my confidence hasn't always been there, but through my training and skills taught by Sifu Eric Cruz and USAKFA i accomplished this goal. I now walk with my head high with confidence USAKFA taught me that. I started coming in early to help teach and now I am the head instructor of all the kids’ classes and help out in the office. I earned numerous titles throughout the years and currently hold the title Tai Si Hing. Throughout my 15 years I have learned so much. Sifu Cruz is a father figure to me and guided me through my life with sharing his experiences and lessons he has learned. He taught me what kung fu is.
Kung Fu means Accomplishment through Effort, meaning anyone can accomplish anything in life if you try and with hard work. I've grown up with this motto and still live by it. Kung Fu is a way of life.

I'm so grateful for Sifu Cruz and USA Kung Fu Academy. I wouldn’t be where i am without them. I would recommend USAKFA to anyone, young and old. It's for everyone! Throughout my life I give so much appreciation and thanks to Sifu Cruz and USAKFA. I’m mentally and physically stronger and I hold my head high when I say I’m a proud student of USA Kung Fu Academy. I cannot wait to see what my journey brings in kung fu. I’m still training and still learning and i couldn't ask for more. If you’re reading this remember one thing try hard, work hard, and you will succeed. Come try two free classes and come see for yourself. It's Kung Fu at its Best!! Thank you Sifu Cruz and USA Kung Fu Academy I’m blessed to be a part of this family.

Sincerely, Tai Si Hing Vinny Fasolino.

About five years ago I had a compression fracture in my lower back. The neurosurgeon said that there would be no surgery and told me to be prepared to be very bent over since I also had osteoporosis. When I asked him what I could do about that he said "nothing". I decided that I would try to do something about my posture anyways, so I returned to Tai Chi and Qi Gong at USA Kung Fu Academy with Sifu Eric Cruz as soon as possible.

At my six month checkup the doctor commented how surprised he was that I was still standing so straight. I know that Tai Chi and Qi Gong at USA Kung Fu Academy with Sifu Eric Cruz had a lot to do with it.

Lucille Donnelly

I am an older woman who has attended Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes for 16 years at USA Kung Fu Academy in Hyannis, Ma with Sifu Eric Cruz. On May 18, 2015 I had a total knee replacement which required a hospital stay followed by rehabilitation. The physical therapists during the rehab were very impressed with my recovery. I was able to perform all of the exercises given in one day. I and the physical therapists attribute this to my years of participating in Tai Chi and Qi Gong with my balance and control of my breathing. Previously, I had been doubtful that the Tai Chi and Qi Gong would benefit me as our instructor told our class it would.

I am now a true believer that Tai Chi and Qi Gong at USA Kung Fu Academy with Sifu Eric Cruz helped me in my recovery as all the physical therapists stated that I was days ahead of all the other knee surgery patients operated on the same day.

Claire Barrett
May 19th, 2015
Amanda and Patrick Hough on behalf of our son, Ryan Hough, 6 years old.

Ryan started Kung Fu at the young age of 4 years old in March of 2014. My husband and I decided to have Ryan try Kung Fu because he was diagnosed with low muscle tone, meaning that athletic endeavors are more difficult for him. For example running for him does not come naturally, he has a “straight” stride where he does not bend his legs to create a “natural” stride. Ryan was attending physical therapy to strengthen his muscle tone and we wanted something more for him. We thought of a form of martial arts because Ryan is very driven and goal oriented which we thought would be a good fit in martial arts. We also wanted an activity for him that allowed him to have fun, strengthen his muscles, be lifelong, and not competitive so he would not be intimidated if it was a struggle for him.

We contacted Sifu Eric Cruz and asked about Ryan joining. We had a delightful conversation where Sifu said Ryan was young but would be more than willing to let him try Kung Fu but also made no promises that it would be the right fit at his young age. It was so nice to have Ryan try two free classes to see not only if he liked it but if he was ready in Sifu Cruz’s opinion. As a family of six finances are spread across many so it is refreshing to have an activity be tried before financially committing.

Upon arriving at USA Kung Fu we met Sunny, Donovan, Doyle, and Vinny. They took Ryan into class and proceeded to show him some Kung Fu moves. I watched as my little guy approached apprehensively to this new activity. At the end of one session I asked, do you want to come back and was responded to with a resounding Yes. We returned the following week where Ryan was observed by Sifu. He told me at the beginning again Ryan was young but let’s see what happens at the end of class. I prepared myself for how I was going to tell Ryan that he would have to wait because he was too young, thankfully I was pleasantly surprised upon returning at the end of the class, Sifu Cruz wanted to have Ryan join USA Kung Fu.

Ryan has participated in Kung Fu twice a week for the last year and a half. The improvement in Ryan’s physical ability is visible and amazing. Ryan’s overall running has improved so much so that he is now bending his legs and forming a natural stride. He is really strong physically and emotionally. USA Kung Fu has improved his self-confidence, he has always had an internal drive but Kung Fu feeds that desire in him and requires him to dig deep physically. He recently completed his first test and earned a white with black sash, not only were we overjoyed for him but he was proud of himself. He was so excited to be testing and earning his first sash, it was truly his first independent accomplishment in his life. He earned his sash from hard work and commitment! We cannot say enough about our son’s experience at USA Kung FU and neither can he. To quote Ryan, when asked Why do you like Kung Fu?, he said “It makes me Strong!”
April 2015
When I was asked to write a testimonial for USA Kung Fu, I said “ oh wow I will just babble on and on” and Vinny said “that’s ok” and you know what? It’s ok because it is USA Kung Fu and everythingis ok there.

I moved to the Cape six years ago this August with my family, and my 2 oldest kids had been taking martial arts class for several years up in Cohasset. We tried a couple of different places here on Cape before they both agreed that they felt most comfortable at USA Kung Fu on Hyannis.

My son has severe depression and anxiety and over the years has been hospitalized many times and missed a lot of Kung Fu classes. Sifu Cruz and his staff has supported him during his class when he was struggling, and have spoken to outside support services involved in his care. The instructors have always asked for him, when he missed classes, sent him cards and reinforced that there would always be a spot for him ANYTIME he wanted to come whether to be a part of class or just to have work out time, the door is always open. And I and my son have no doubt in that.

My daughter who was always very shy in class and hid behind her brother a bit is now out there and SO confident ! She is moving up in the ranks and loving every bit of it !!! When she comes out of class all hot and sweaty I see that she is so proud of her accomplishment, she is amazed that she has so much strength within herself. She had to change school a few times since we moved and that was hard for her but I know that the confidence from Kung Fu, not just the work out but what she learns from other things in class, has helped her with how she carries herself and comes across to others. Which makes her a very approachable person and makes friends easier. She is excited to test for her black sash however is so nervous and again with USA Kung Fu, that is OK, she can test when she feels she is ready they will not push her

Now my youngest daughter has started, she is just a few weeks in and is in love with Kung Fu. She is very different from her brother and sister, she is a very big girl, very confident, and can do it all better than anyone! She loves to do the moves her way, look around and see what everyone else is doing and I am sure many other things as I do not get to observe, BUT again that is “OK”. The staff is well qualified to reign her in and she happily does what she is there for.

What I am trying to say is that I learn by dropping off, picking up and listening to my children about the diverse group of kids that attend USA Kung Fu Academy. Different challenges they all face or backgrounds they come from and guess what, you walk in that door and you are all treated the same for you are the same, you are a person learning to better yourself and become a part of a new family. These instructors show you respect, fairness, kindness, love, and the kids are more than happy to show it back.

Marie Quinn
August 12th 2014
Hi, my name is Daryl Frye Jr and I am the most recent Black Sash at the USA Kung Fu Academy of Hyannis. I joined USA Kung Fu Academy of Hyannis April of 2009 when I was around 13 years old and I am now 18 years old still learning, training hard and enjoying my time here. 

As a child, I joined a Karate and Mix Martial Arts School and after about a year I quit due to scheduling conflicts with baseball and football. After both seasons ended I joined different Mix Martial Arts and Karate Schools that I remained with for about 2 ½ years, but suddenly realized I was not reaching my full potential and was not progressing as much as I wished to. So, as a result, I researched a number of different Martial Arts School in Hyannis and USA Kung Fu Academy of Hyannis sparked an immediate interest. I then alongside my friend decided to pay them a visit in order to get a feel for how they conducted their classes. Upon arrival I had the luxury of meeting Sifu Eric Cruz who gave my friend and I a few helpful pointers on Martial Art Techniques. Then Sifu Cruz offered me 2 free trial classes and following the two trial classes I was convinced that this school was a perfect fit for me and my desires and ended up enrolling in classes that week.

A phrase that Sifu Cruz always emphasized and that always seemed to stick with me was “A Black Sash is a White Sash that wanted to be a Black Sash”. This helped me keep training hard and be dedicated to our craft because one great benefit that USA Kung Fu Academy of Hyannis has, is a Family like environment which is great because not only did they push me to succeed and advance in Kung Fu but kept me in a Positive atmosphere which helped me make good decision’s throughout high school with the high self-esteem and discipline Kung Fu gave me. .

During my 5 year journey of achieving my Black sash, I have competed in multiple Kung Fu and Martial Art Tournaments in which I placed 1st in Majority of my divisions. Only because of my Rigorous training at home as well at the school, in the months leading up to the tournaments. Not only was I progressing in the Academy but I looked forward to accomplishing and achieving at tournaments and in life with the never give up attitude Kung Fu has given me. I really enjoyed competing in tournaments, and working my way through the ranks and training vigorously each and every day to achieve my next sash rank.

As a Black sash and student of five years, I highly recommend and welcome you regardless of age to come train with us at USA Kung Fu Academy. If you’re like me, and like a challenge, I challenge you to come and join USA Kung Fu Academy, and you will see yourself be more confident, well-disciplined and well trained.

I would like to Thank Sifu Eric Cruz, Tai Si Hing Jason Herbst, Tai Si Hing Max Morrow, and Tai Si Hing Sean Foss as well as all other instructors that have helped over the years at the USA Kung Fu Academy of Hyannis, for teaching me and continuing to push me to my fullest potential. I look forward to keep training hard and earning my way through the Ranks. I hope my testimony provided you with helpful insight.

Thank you,
Si Dai Daryl Frye Jr 
January 24th, 2014
My name is Elliott Rufo.
I was born and raised on Cape Cod. I am 29. I own and operate a hardscape and masonry business that I started from scratch. I hold a BFA in Fine Art and Design. I am an instructor atUSA Kung Fu Academy. I have been training and teaching here for 16 years.

USAKFA teaches traditional kung fu, with a very modern approach. This is the brave new world that our school is pioneering, and this endeavor makes it a very special place to train. Allow me to make some broad statements to explain the significance of this approach. Historically, the highest learning in kung fu took place behind closed doors in Taoist and Buddhist monasteries in China. Practitioners separated themselves from mainstream society so that they could spend nearly all their waking hours in the pursuit of the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of kung fu. And of course, over millennia, kung fu was often under attack from outsiders, from warlords to, most recently, the cultural revolution, which only proved to priests and monks that they ought to keep their training so secret and guarded.

Literally translated, kung fu means “accomplishment through effort”. And so, if one can put effort into kung fu training eight hours a day, everyday, such as the monastics did, then one’s accomplishments will be much greater than if one could only train casually. Our modern western world, especially in the United States, asks that we put our efforts into chasing other accomplishments. I don’t need to elaborate. We are all, as Americans, involved in one way or another in a very demanding society, and it is very difficult to break free of that. At USAKFA, Sifu Cruz has proven that traditional, quality kung fu training can exist and flourish in spite of a world that doesn’t readily promote taking time for mind, body and spirit practices. This is accomplished by looking at each student individually and recognizing what step he or she is at on his or her journey with kung fu. Students are treated as individuals and pushed to accomplish that next step, supplied with the knowledge and concepts that have always been held back, kept behind those closed doors. The great innovation at our school is in recognizing that the knowledge of kung fu is too important and beautiful to keep hidden, now that we live in a society where it can safely flourish. All we need to do is help our students balance their practice with their lives as best as we can.

I am very grateful to be involved with the passing down of an ancient art to our students. It has become the most important endeavor in my life, because I have seen over the years, how training at USAKFA has helped so many different people. Our youngest students learn how to behave in a group, listen to their teachers, and they train their bodies for a lifetime of physical fitness. Our teenage students gain confidence, being pushed to new accomplishments every class. They carry this confidence into adulthood, just as I did, empowering them to take on the world. Our 20somethings learn to hold onto their youth and carry it forward. Our middleaged students rediscover their youth. Our elders learn the body mechanics and exercises to keep them going strong for many years to come, and they of course have a lot to teach all of us in return.

I encourage anyone reading this to come as you are and pay us a visit. Take a couple of classes and see what traditional kung fu is all about. Come meet our passionate instructors. Come meet our students and see that they are just like you. And most importantly, come see what you are really made of. Come see what you can accomplish, and come see how much effort you really have in there.

January 5th 2014I started training at 10 years old in Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwon, he worked his way to 2nd level Black Belt and was responsible for teaching at The Karate Academy. During this time his pursuit of fine art lead him to painting in the Plein Air tradition around Cape Cod. In 1996 he met Sifu Cruz and began his time at USA Kung Fu Academy. During this time he has gone on to receive a BFA in Sculpture from MassArt, then on to work with Hasbro, Draper Laboratory, National Geographic and most recently as a Technical Lead at Shell TechWorks in Cambridge.

"Sifu Cruz, since we met, has been a pole star for me--his words and methods have influenced every aspect in my life and help me to -- in his words, fight my fight."

Steven James Taylor

June 18th, 2013
My name is Carl Rhodes and I work on research vessels for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Because of my work schedule I find it hard to set up a routine workout schedule. What is amazing about Kung-Fu is that it’s a work out that you can take with you. Kung-Fu is not just a good work out, it provides for a healthy well-being, good balance, discipline, and self-defense. I personally enjoy Kung-Fu because of how in tune I have become with my body, and all I have learned about the natural movement of the human body. It’s not just self-defense it’s a way of life.

Sifu Eric Cruz and the USA Kung-Fu Academy in Hyannis has been the best school I could have asked for to teach me all of these things. I have made many friends and much progress in my development physically, mentally, socially and in self-defense. I owe all of this to the experienced instructors who are great at teaching the concepts of Kung-Fu, and especially to Sifu Cruz, who’s 40+ years of martial arts experience teaches me something new every day.

I plan on training in Kung-Fu for the rest of my life and I know that from Sifu Cruz and the USA Kung-Fu academy I have the best base of knowledge to build upon I could ever ask for!!

Tzu Jan Kune Do
Carl Rhodes

June 17th, 2013
My boss signed me up for kung fu at USA Kung Fu Academy in Hyannis when I was new to the company and the Cape back in 2004. I was nervous about starting a martial art, but it was love at first class. Sifu Eric Cruz and all of his students, regardless of rank, are helpful, friendly and the teachers obviously love kung fu. I spent six wonderful years as one of Sifu Cruz’s students on the Cape, going to class as often as possible. I was even fortunate enough to help teach some of the beginner classes. I can only hope I was successful in conveying some knowledge and some of the support that I’ve received. I loved the art, and the people, so much that I even came in to help out when I was on crutches with a broken foot. I’ve since moved on from the laboratory I ran on the Cape, but I haven’t moved on from kung fu. I joined NOAA Corps, been stationed on a ship that went all over the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico and I’m now the Station Chief of NOAA’s Atmospheric Research Observatory at South Pole Station in Antarctica. Both while I was on the ship and now here in the Antarctic I have continued practicing kung fu and I still proudly consider myself Sifu Eric Cruz’s student. I highly recommend USA Kung Fu Academy to anyone, families, single people, kids, and/or adults. USA Kung Fu Academy is not just a school, or a business, but it’s a family. Even though I am on the other side of the world I keep in contact as much as possible to the friends I made while attending the school, and the first topic is nearly always “How’s kung fu been?” Whenever I find myself back on the east coast one of the first places I visit is the school. 

Kell Bliss, LTjg
NOAA Corps

September 20th, 2012
My name is Rebeca Nystrom and to say that Kung Fu has changed my life may sound cliché but, it is the truth. At the spry young age of 43, I began training in Kung Fu under the instruction of Si Fu Eric Cruz. I will never forget my first class. Si Fu instructed us to be honest with ourselves and with him. Were told we could ask him anything. I did and still do. I am now 46 soon to be 47. When I tell people I practice Kung Fu, their first reaction is to laugh and ask if I am serious. I always respond with a big smile and ask why are they surprised. I am proud to be a USA Kung Fu Academy student. Every class I take I learn something new. I will not say that my journey has been easy, but I will say it has been enjoyable and I would not trade one minute of it. Kung fu is accomplishment through effort. You only get out of it what you put into it. I chose Kung Fu because it trains all of me: Mind, Body & Spirit. I used to go to the gym. That only took care of my physical health and was not enough. My job , managing a 40 year old property with 145 homes that houses over 300 people is stressful. It requires me to think forward everyday and not about me. When I go to Kung Fu I train to be in the present, to calm myself, to focus on my needs. It has been the truest gift I could have ever received. I believe that I am a student of life. I find Kung Fu to be in all parts of my life and I live it every day. My instructors have guided me along my journey, helped me to understand the ways of Kung Fu, how to move and become a stronger person both physically and mentally and I know they will always be there. As much as they share with me I share with others. Thank you to all in the USA Kung Fu Academy family.

Rebeca Nystrom

September 14th, 2012
My name is Christian and I am writing this in hope that it may help whomever may read to choose the best martial arts academy on Cape Cod. First, I would like to tell you a little about myself so you will have an idea of who's opinion you are reading. I am in my late twenties and am employed by the State of Massachusetts in the law enforcement field and have seven years on the job. I am a sceptical person by nature and question everything till I feel I have found the truth. In general I am an active person who like many people in my line of work runs and lifts to stay in shape. The running and weight have kept me in shape but Kung Fu has increased my strength, stamina, and speed more than I would have guessed while I have been learning a life long skill. 

Sifu Cruz is an extremely talented Kung Fu practitioner and teacher. I have found in my time training that Sifu Cruz is a true Master of the art, which I believe is apparent to anyone who sees him teach. Sifu has developed an academy that not only teaches real Kung Fu but also a program that can help anyone reach there goals to train as hard or not so hard as they choose for themselves. The skillful way in which he teaches has produced numerous black sash students/instructors.

The black sash instructors are as energetic and passionate about the art as anyone could hope for. They are also extremely helpful and knowledgeable and their guidance along the path to achieving your goal is a great help.

Although, I began the program to strictly learn self-defense, I have now come to embrace many other aspects of Kung as well. Lastly, the positive community environment that is present among all is astounding. The diverse group of people that attend the academy working towards the great common goal of mastering Kung Fu is something I had never witnessed and I am glad to be a part of it.

Christian Jansen 

March 2011
Our family has been part of the USA Kung Fu Academy for over eight years, with our oldest son, now a black sash and our middle son, now beginning his training. We have been proud to watch their confidence and skills grow along with friendships and a few trophies! Sifu Eric Cruz and his staff have been wonderful role models to our boys: not only teaching them Kung Fu, but more importantly lessons about life to aid in their development. “Achievement through effort” has reached into all areas of their lives-including honor roll. Our sons have a lifelong art/sport they can participate in at any level for: enjoyment, health and fitness, competition, and mental balance.

We also enjoy participating in the family and charity events for the community. USA Kung Fu Academy rocks!

Pamela Walsh, M.Ed. & Capt. Don Walsh

July 2010
I have been coming to classes and practicing kung fu since December 2004, and attending tai chi classes for about 4 years I attained my Black Sash on April 24th, 2010. Over time I’ve gotten to know a little about my classmates and Sifu. There is mostly nothing but kindness and care within everyone at this school and some good humor in the morning classes I attend that can turn my mood around. I’ve learned a lot from experiences here, not just about martial arts but about myself. I feel very fortunate to have such a great group of people to learn from, and share experiences with here on Cape Cod. It is an honor for me to train as a student of Sifu Eric Cruz and as classmates of the other students at USA Kung Fu Academy.

Joseph Mysliwiec.

I am 61 years old. During my youth I was a running back with the Oakland Raiders and N.Y. Jets and during my collegiate years set records in track and field.I've enjoyed my business career as a financial planner on Cape Cod meeting and advising hundreds of clients over the years.

Sounds great so far!

Then my life took a steep turn downward. A difficult divorce proved devastating. Life had no direction.
Then I was introduced to Sifu Cruz at USA Kung Fu Academy in Hyannis. Touching my toes was equivalent to jumping across the Cape Cod Canal. However, through the encouragement and leadership of Sifu his instructors as well as the students I soon received a white belt.
" Wow, a white belt" might be your sarcastic reaction. But Sifu would reiterate " Every black belt was a white belt that wanted to be a black belt." The journey began.

It was not easy. Sifu is a special human being and teacher. He knew the violent and competitive nature of the world I lived in during my N.F.L. days.

He respected that. He did not want me to discard that part of me but instead change my mindset towards athleticism and grow accordingly.
The emphasis was self esteem and development through Kung Fu.Each sash and each form presented a new and difficult challenge. I was competing with myself. No one else.
A green belt now drapes my body. " Wow a green belt " might still be your reaction. But remember a black belt was a green belt that wanted to be a black belt !

Remember " Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished " Lao Tzu
May God Bless Sifu and his teachings…..

Dennis Cambal Yarmouthport, Ma

Our family has been attending the USA Kung Fu Academy for over two years. As responsible parents, we wanted to ensure that the training both ourselves and our children receive is not only rigorous, but taught in a balanced and responsible manner. After considerable research into the different styles of martial arts as well as the schools available in the area, we happily decided to attend USA Kung Fu.
Although we had already decided that traditional Kung Fu and Tai Chi styles would be the most beneficial for our family, due not only to their effectiveness in defense but the mental and spiritual balance that can be attained through them regardless of personal theological beliefs, it was the environment that Sifu Eric Cruz provides within his schools and the man himself that made the decision easy. To date we have never had any regrets about our choice, and have consistently recommended his schools to our friends and family, and hope to have three generations in attendance by the end of the year.
Both of us have lived and received education and training in Asia. Therefore, we were able to recognize immediately the discipline, respect, and dedication to traditional methods common to most Asian training environments that Sifu Cruz has instilled in his schools. In addition, he recognizes the uniqueness of American culture and the environment he has created embraces this and infuses the two approaches successfully without loosing anything in the process.

Aside from providing a martial arts training environment far superior to what we ever would have expected to be available on Cape Cod, Sifu Cruz and his program have become integral to our family. Reinforcing values in our children that we all try to instill; such as self discipline, control, and achievement through effort (which is the English translation of Kung Fu) as well as respecting, honoring, and caring for both themselves and others, Sifu Cruz has provided an environment for these and other lessons we teach our children to take hold more readily than in other common venues and influences of our society.
The program at USA Kung Fu, and the willingness of Sifu Cruz and his instructors to listen to students and help with issues both related and unrelated to the training itself have provided a resource to our family both as a unit and as individuals that we hope to continue in perpetuity. Anyone wishing to improve their mind, body, and spirit can find no better resource than Sifu Cruz and the USA Kung Fu Academy.

Patrick & Sunny McGuinness Yarmouthport, MA 

"I have been taking Tai Chi under Sifu Cruz for almost a month. I am 47 years old and have degenerative disc disease, herniated and bulging discs throughout my spine, cervical and lumbar spondylosis and chronic sciatica. After having tried 3 courses of physical therapy and having 2 epidural steroid injections for which neither worked and still having tremendous pain, I thought I'd give Tai Chi a try. To my amazement, after the first 2 classes, I still had pain and stiffness, but it was working compared to what I have endured over the past 7 years. With each class, my abdominal, thigh, and gluteal muscles got stronger because of the workout, and the fact that Sifu Cruz is teaching me proper body mechanics which is something I was never taught in nursing school.

At the same time that I am learning these forms, I have been observing that Sifu Cruz is a hard working, dedicated, honorable man who cares very much for his students and their well-being. I am very glad that I have been given the opportunity to take his Tai Chi and am honored and grateful that Sifu Cruz is teaching me. He is THE BEST!!!"

Josie R. Dornback RN, Tai Chi student and mother of Andy Dornback, Kung Fu student

"To whom it may concern:
Our 7 year old son has been taking Kung Fu under Sifu Cruz's tutelage for the past 3 years. He began his martial arts career at the age of 3 1/2 at a Karate school; however after a year, he became frustrated because it was clear that the students were not as important as the number of students and the incoming money. 

At this time, we found the USA Kung Fu Academy and transferred him. What a difference! The classes at the USA Kung Fu Academy are small, there is always more than one instructor and it is clearly evident that the students are not just a number. 

The instructors here are always kinds, caring, respectful and helpful to not only the students but for us parents as well. This is all due to Sifu Cruz, who expects and demands this of his instructors who he has taught since they were young children. This is a commendable feat for one person to attain but he (Sifu Cruz), did it. He is one incredible, hard working, passionate, dedicated man who had this dream. When he is with our son and his class you can see how much he loves the children and is teaching them not only Kung Fu but also self-confidence, self-esteem and respect for themselves and others; something this country is lacking these days. He is also very protective of our children.

We are extremely grateful to Sifu Cruz for teaching our son.

Mr. and Mrs. Don Dornback, Jr., parents of Andrew Dornback 

My name is Marilyn Rhude, I'm 36 years old, a pilot for a local airline, and a mother of three. I was looking for a martial arts program for my son who was 6 years old. Our neighbor's son was a student at USA Kung Fu Academy, so we decided to enroll in their program. That was two years ago. Since taking up kung fu, my son has become more confident, focused, and athletic. He has shown growth in mental and physical strength. And he really enjoys the camaraderie with his instructors and fellow students. In fact, we've been so pleased with the program, I've also started attending classes at USA Kung Fu Acadamy

Kung Fu Academy. I enjoy the exercise and the mental challenge involved with Kung Fu. I also appreciate the self-defense aspect of our classes and we also have a lot of fun. The instructors are knowledgeable and dedicated and keep the classes interesting. I look forward to enrolling my other two children when they are old enough.

Marilyn C. Rhude

"It was that time of year again. The Cape's "SEASON" was over, the holidays were looming and winter was just waiting to start trouble. Im a matter of weeks, I was already physically out of shape and in a few more I would be an emotional mess. Best look for a workout program.

Long story short, I've been involved in a number of different exercise programs in my lifetime: aerobics, swimming, pilates, yoga, weight training. I've done sports of every kind: basketball, tennis, skiing, biking, hiking, skating, fencing, rock climbing, sailing, kayaking. All of which have benefited me in one way or another but none of which has brought me to the promised land. You know, where your efforts pay off big time with the much talked about "endorphine rush". I liken this desire to my own personal crusade for the 'holy grail'. It is quite possible I've experienced it but sine there is such hype about it, I fear I didn't or don't recognize it and it went unnoticed.

Any suggestion that I consider Tai Chi has been made in the past by my daughter, herself a student of martial arts who had become particularly enamored of Kung Fu, but I pooh-poohed the idea. Why do I want to move in slow-motion? I've gotta get up and go go go so I can burn burn burn. I dont have the time or inclination to philosophize grasshopper!

In the end it was the Sunday newspaper that came to the rescue, specifically the Parade section. An article caught my eye. The subject matter: Tai Chi and it's benefits. I read on. I was intrigued. I had already accepted the fact that I was lucky once to have the body of a 20 year old and I've always known I was not willing to torture myself into a perfectly-toned-mature-women's body a la Jane Fonda. I wanted an exercise program that I would never want to leave. One that I would embrace as a lifestlye. One that I would and could do for many years to come. So . . . I gathered myself up and drove over to the USA Kung Fu Academy of Hyannis, where my daughter trained and where I knew a Tai Chi program was offered under the tutelage of Sifu Eric Cruz.

I already had my notions about Sifu Cruz. I knew he was committed to his art, his school, his students. However, I also knew he had made an incredible impact on my daughter as she anguished over what, for her, was a very difficult choice. The choice to leave the Cape and finish her college education would mean leaving her Kung Fu training when she could almost taste her black sash. She was torn. Sifu Cruz knew exactly the right words to give her the courage to be able to make her decision. She is 3 months away from graduating. From this single gesture I knew that this was a man of integrity.

It's about 5 months now that I have been attending Tai Chi classes. Sifu Cruz teaches each class with great knowledge but more importantly with a genuine enthusiasm. As a former teacher and ski instructor, I feel reassured when he comments that "he too is a student", that he is aware that he "has to continue to study and learn" and that he "learns so much through teaching" us. His enthusiasm and love for his art is infectious. I look forward to my twice weekly classes wishing that I could go every day. I have found a program where I not only feel healthy and strong but one which allows me to feel at peace in both body and mind. Summer's not long off now and work will likely take me away from classes, but once the "SEASON" is over I know where I will once again find myself. You got it. I'll be back at USA Kung Fu Academy's Tai Chi classes with Sifu Cruz and "the ladies".

Elizabeth Liuzzi, Tai Chi student and Cape Cod Tour Guide

Dear Sifu Cruz,
It is my pleasure to give a reference regarding the USA Kung Fu Academy in Hyannis, MA. I have trained as a martial artist for over 20 years studying Judo, Aikido and Tai-Chi. I consider myself knowledgeable on the subject and particular as to what qualifies as a fulfilling and effective martial art. There is a lot of junk passed off as martial art. I find the USA Kung Fu Academy to be a highest level, highest quality school of martial arts. I am particularly impressed with the quality of the Kung- Fu and Tia-Chi taught at your school, the fact that you are associated with United International Kung Fu Federation, and that you are still an ardent student of Kung Fu under ShiJiao G. Crayton, despite your dedicated mastery and recognition in the arts. The fact that every teacher has a teacher in your system is assurance of high quality and profound lineage of the teaching.

I have trained over three years and my son has trained over two years, and my daughter trained for a short time. I have referred several friends and employees to your school. I will continue to train indefinitely, or till you tell me I am too old and so bad that I must stop embarrassing myself and your school.

The signs that this is a school of highest quality, dedicated, martial art are:

All ages are practicing from 5 to 75+ years old (I am 52)
Girls and Women are present in all classes and do well
You have chosen excellent students to also be teachers and I think they all do and did a great job
Dedicated, courteous and very helpful black belts (impressive too)
Good feeling and atmosphere at all classes, despite rigorous training

But the most important aspect of the school is the dedicated, constant, concerned, expertise and guidance you have provided since the day I walked into your school. I trust you with my children and am happy to endorse your work and your school. I know it has benefited me and my family.

I would be happy to answer any inquiries or be of assistance in any way.

Bob Livingston
President and CTO Arion Water, Inc.

I keep hearing that kung-fu is about the mind, body and spirit. When I joined as a single mom of 2 teenagers, I just didn't "get it"... spirit? I just wanted to train my body, spend time with my daughter and find something to do with her that didn't involve television or video games. Well we've certainly been working on training our bodies, and we sure do spend time at the Kwan together, but more importantly I'm finally starting to "get it". Kung fu isn't just the physical training I was looking for, it's about harmony within the body, balancing the physical with the mental, and searching within yourself to give that little bit more you just didn't know you had.

I won't kid you, I don't find it easy. Beginning something brand new in your 40's in always different than trying your hand at something new as a kid. But what is an accomplishment if it's simply handed to you? (oh, kung-fu means accomplishment through effort) Yes I get frustrated, and yes I've needed my instructors to repeat the same movements over and over and over and over again, and sometimes when I finally have the move figured outit disappears from my head into the great cosmos!. But, Sifu and all the other instructors that so willingly give of their time show me that missing move one more time, and then again and again and again. They certainly have more patience for me than I do some nights.

I have found so much laughter in the Kwan, have made some wonderful friends, have spent some incredible quality time with my daughter, have improved my balance, and coordination, etc. But most important to me is how my attitude about myself has changed. In the beginning, I needed constant encouragement from my instructors, letting me know that I wasn't a failure for not understanding something. That was the attitude I had with myself, I was a failure. Not in their eyes though, that attitude wasn't permitted. I showed up class after class, always being met by positive reinforcement, until I finally figured out for myself that a failure is only a failure, when they quit trying. So, I just keep showing up and trying! I now know that it's not about perfection, certainly not at my level, but about my effort, my attitude, and my belief in myself.

I don't think I could ever put into words how I feel about kung-fu, and more specifically the people that support the Kwan. They have never given up on me, they give me the encouragement I need to challenge myself, they have shown me the baby steps to take to achieve greater goals, and they have intelligently gotten out of my way while I'm still trying to conquer those jump kicks.

Thanks to all who have helped make the beginning of this journey such a positive one. You know who you are, and I will always keep you close to my heart. Karen

Spa Director
Aerobic Instructor
Housemaid to 2 teenagers
Chauffer to the same
11 months invested in kung-fu as of 3/06 a lifetime to go

March 8th 2006
I have been enrolled now at USA Kung Fu Academy in Hyannis MA for about 3 and half years. I quickly became interested after we signed up our three children. The forms they practiced seemed so graceful, but yet very effective if ever needed in a confrontation (hopefully that situation would never happen). Having wrestled in high school I thought that I might have retained some defensive tactics. I was surprised at how little I knew, but with the patience of a very talented instructor, Sifu Eric Cruz, I am starting to discover it's the complete package of proper breathing, balance, flow and focus that are the tools to be a true Martial Artist. 

My only regret is that I didn't discovered Kung Fu earlier. It is a true art form and has become an important part of my life. I can only wish that after cross country, basketball and softball and any other sport that our children may become involved with that they will always be able to carry on with Kung Fu. It actually helps immensely with all those other activities through confidence and proper body mechanics.

Personally I feel that what I have learned is just a fraction of what this ancient and extremely interesting art has to offer. I always leave class looking forward to the next one. I would recommend the Kung Fu that is taught by Sifu Cruz and his other black sashes to anyone who wants to enhance his or her mind, body and spirit.

Paul Cunningham age 4414 years Executive Chef at Willowbend Country Club

I have trained at USA Kung Fu Academy for many years and am presently preparing for my black belt testing, just as I am preparing for my PhD qualifying examinations. As a student of molecular engineering I find many similarities between science and Kung Fu. Both are logic-based explorations of techniques that require intense practice, manipulation and insight to understand deeply. I find that Kung Fu perfectly compliments my academy training for it also provides an artistic outlet, not to mention a physical one. Therefore Kung Fu provides a multidimensional experience originating from its deep historical wealth that possesses self-defense, health and artistic aspects that can rarely be experienced in other disciplines. However like any program, the training is only as good as its instructors. Sifu Eric Cruz is from my experience a consummate practitioner and instructor, owing his expertise not only to decades of exposure to martial arts but to his vigilant practice and study. Sifu Cruz enlightens his students in the ways of the art from his own personal experiences while seeking to further his understanding by constant training and tutelage. This embodies a perfect example of both a teacher and a student that we all strive to be more like. USA Kung Fu Academy provides everything that a school should be and more. The training that I continue to receive is not only that of a martial art, but the physical, mental, and spiritual components that make up a lifestyle which I will pursue the rest of my life.

Sean Foss PhD candidate in Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering University of Massachusetts North Dartmouth.

"I have been taking Tai Chi lessons from Sifu Eric Cruz for over 7 years and feel he is an excellent teacher. My balance is so much better and my flexibility and general health and fitness have also improved. I recommend his classes to everyone. It's a happy place to be and I always feel good when I go there."

Val Carrol,
Senior Tai Chi studentAge 78

"I have been a Tai Chi student of Eric Cruz for almost 7 years. Twice a week I attend classes and have found my strengthening skills improved tremendously. 
Eric is a very honest and reliable instructor. We have about a dozen seniors in our class. Prices are very reasonable and we are not charged for missed classes . "He is not out for the money". In all the years Eric has taught our classes, he has been very professional. I have the greatest respect for Eric as a teacher and all other aspects interacting with him. I am a 70 year old senior and look forward to my classes every week."

Claire Barret
Tai Chi student


Ever since I started kung fu when I was in the first grade my life has been improved. Thanks to kung fu I can jump higher, run faster, and I now feel safe knowing I can defend myself. But it also enhanced my self-discipline, adaptivity, and leadership qualities. However, training does not just help me in kung fu, it aids me in my life as a whole. Right now I sit on my school's student council executive board as the Public Relations Chair, I'm running for state student council webmaster, and I've been invited to the National Student Leadership Conference and the Congressional Student Leadership Conference. I owe all of this to the USA Kung Fu Academies.

Connor Gramazio
Black Sash

Connor made it into the Cape Cod Times Special pull out section of Rising Stars for his Academic Achievements

Placeholder Picture

My name is Josh and I am a senior black sash from USA Kung Fu Academy Hyannis Massachusetts, I have relocated to California have been here for 5 years and still can not find a school that matches the quality of USA Kung Fu Academy. I started taking Kung Fu for discipline and a fitness regimen. A lot of people expect to learn how to be the world's greatest fighter in 3 years of training Kung Fu. Kung Fu is not about that. To train in Kung Fu is to train for a lifetime. It is a life long journey that yields more benefits then just learning how to fight. I have gained a second family my fellow students are like brothers and Sifu Cruze is like a second father. There are a lot of schools that I have been to, where the instructor is looking at the clock and if class is over at 6 o'clock he is sure to finish class at 5:59 where as Sifu Cruz almost always goes past time at least ½ an hour because he gets so into teaching. I have never met anyone that is more passionate about teaching, or so many students so passionate about learning. This school is defiantly like a family to me, and the school has a family type atmosphere. If you want to train hardcore that is also there.

My experience at U.S.A. Kung Fu Training Academy can be described in (2) ways: (1). The influence of my teacher, Sifu Eric Cruz, and (2) the application of lessons I learned to other aspects of my life.

My training in Kung Fu began in 1994 under the direction Sifu Eric Cruz. Sifu Cruz has had a positive impact on my life, and the many students, and people he interacts with on a daily basis. His depth of knowledge in the Eastern art of Kung Fu and experience in fighting has opened the eyes of many students. Most importantly, his natural integrity, honesty, and presence in the classroom has drawn students from afar the entire time I have known him.

My achievements in martial arts in a way have served to reinforce my personal philosophy of adaptation and flexibility. I continually adapt and bend to hardships while continuing to pursue new challenges in my life. As a result of this pursuit I have achieved a lot professionally and personally. In 2005, I acquired a Masters of Architecture degree at Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science at the University of Virginia. I currently work for a reputable firm in the Washington, D.C. area with clients at several universities and state governments. I have achieved all of this while being graced by the company of a beautiful wife, daughter and most recently, a son this past year. All the while, I maintain my training and visit the school as much as I possibly can.

Ben Carstoiu, Black Sash Student

Hello my name is George Barber I am 17 years of age and a first generation Black Belt under Sifu Eric Cruz. As a young boy I began training with Sifu Cruz at the age of five and have not looked back since. As of this coming May I will have been in training for a total 12 years. Another way to say it is that I have spent two thirds of my life inside the walls of USA Kung Fu Academy and under the guidance of Sifu Cruz .Though my life and the path I have walked has been peppered with ups and downs but my Kung Fu and those who I train with and learn from have always acted as security in a world that is forever changing. 

My Kung Fu has not only acted as a way for me to train in self defense to protect me physically but the teachers of USAKFA that I have come to know and love along with those who I grew along side of as brothers and sisters showed me how to live and how to grow in to the young man that I have become. There guidance and training has given me the strength to cope with the loss of my father at the age of eight , to achieve at the highest level to not only become a Black Belt but to become and honors student on the academic level, along with an award winning actor, accomplished writer and director, and soon the first in my family to graduate on to college to seek a higher education. With out my Kung Fu I often wonder where my life would be. What choices I would have made?

As for my experience with Sifu Cruz I can find no point to begin to tell how grateful I am to Sifu Cruz for everything he and the other incredible instructors have done to help me grow and to help me become a man I can truly be proud to be. Sifu has not only been the father of three great children, a few of which I have had the pleasure of training along side of, father of our system that he has nurtured and refined to its strongest and purest content, but has acted as a positive mentor and a father to me and for that I will be forever grateful. It is Sifu Cruz and the many other men and women of USA Kung FU Academy who I thank for helping a scared young boy filled with doubt and trepidation become a strong young man instilled with positive values and a promising tomorrow.

After graduation I plan to head to Boston to attend Emerson College in order to work on become an actor and film maker. Oh and by the way . I have the full intent on continuing my training. Because it's truly interesting. I used to think "train for life" meant train until you've passed on to the next plain of existence but I know now what "train for life " really means... just that.

I have been in awe of Martial Arts since I was a child, but unfortunately I did not begin my studies until much later. Around the year 2000 I had visited the Hyannis school, and on that visit I had found where I wanted to be. Sifu Eric Cruz has been my teacher ever since. You are the sum total of your experiences. I have learned from being involved in sports for much of my life, especially football in high school and briefly in college. Though I will never forget some of those lessons and great times on the field, the value of my experience here has reached a much higher level and has greatly exceeded my expectations.
On a basic level, Sifu has helped me correct my body mechanics through Kung Fu when I was rehabilitating my knee after surgery. I have not had serious knee problems since. As far as having a legitimate teacher, his knowledge and skills are exemplary and continue to progress. I found a teacher who's passion for his art is as true as can be. A mentor who truly cares for his students and will take you in as family. I work in State Government where proficiency, communication skills, and the ability to present yourself with confidence is of great importance. Sifu has helped me understand more about myself, and I attribute much of where I am professionally and who I am as a person to him.

Currently I live off Cape and continue my studies under Sifu Cruz.
Si Hing Nick Vancisin

I have been training with Sifu Eric Cruz for almost 10 years and from an age standpoint (age 50) I am currently the second oldest member in the school. In addition, both of my daughters have attended his program, with my youngest daughter earning her Black Sash in 2005.

As I have aged in martial arts (over 30 year's of experience) I have found that my interests and physical abilities have changed. With multiple knee operations from a misspent youth and as a cancer survivor I am no longer the brash high school/college wrestler or aspiring Kempo student. I can only say that having been a member of different schools and styles and taught by numerous instructors I wish that I found Kung Fu and Sifu Cruz earlier in my life.

It is a tribute to Sifu Cruz that he has kept the material both fresh and interesting and I look forward to working with him into the future.

Robert King
G. Robert King II, CFP â , CCPS, CLTC
The Capital Group, Inc. 765 West Main Street Hyannis, MA 02601
508-790-7100 800-325-1099 508-790-3232 (fax)
Securities and Advisory Services offered through Commonwealth Financial Network (Member NASD, SIPC), A Registered Investment Advisor

My name is Sifu Dana Wong. Since starting Kung Fu back in 1994, I have had the opportunity to see many changes. These have included changes in leadership, satellite schools opening and closing under the old USA Kung Fu Training Centers. Students have come and gone. Through all these changes, Sifu Cruz has certainly become the teacher and role model that I know and love.

Words cannot describe the dedication Sifu Cruz applies in teaching and motivating his students. He looks for ways to improve class, both by refining his methods and consistently looking for new ideas. He demonstrates commitment by preserving and passing on the art of Kung Fu to his students. Sifu Cruz continues to pursue personal growth and improvement. He loves what he does and it is evident to all.

I have met and created special friendships within the school. The camaraderie is great. Sifu has created an atmosphere whereby students treat each other as family. He realizes that learning from fellow students plays an important role in developing a safe, educational environment. Not only can more advanced students coach the less advanced students, but the teaching process helps the advanced students themselves. The chemistry between the students, all of which have different backgrounds and ages, has been key to the success of the school and those who train there.

Training has certainly made me a better person. In daily life I am peaceful and confident on the inside and I believe increasingly capable and effective on the outside. I seem to have increased focus on where I am, where I should be and how to get there.

My new journey in Kung Fu started in November, 2005 when I opened up my own school in Falmouth, Ma..

Steve Campbell 
Age; 56
Years at USAKFA; 12
Rank; 3rd level black-Sifu

Owner Campbell & Son Construction- 25 years
BS Meteorology University of Wisconsin-Madison 1976 Meteorologist NWSFO-Kodiak, AK 1982.

My son was 6 when he took kung-fu at USAKFA in 1993. He asked Sifu Cruz "when do we break boards?" To which Sifu Cruz replied "what did that board ever do to you?" I think that sums up Sifu's approach to martial arts. As Kung-Fu is the progenetor of all martial arts, sometimes this is used by other systems to advertise their uniqueness. The more loudly they proclaim their difference, the more they are like Kung-Fu.

I've had the privilege of having only Sifu Cruz as my instructor. As such, I have had the opportunity to learn forms from other systems of Kung-Fu. Each has its own flavor, to be sure. Tzu Jan Kune Do, Bok Mei, Shantung, Looang Foo Pai, to name a few, bring with them differences but also many similarities. It is Sifu Cruz who so ablely explains these differences as well as their similarities to those of us who still need a large hammer and small chisel to get the point. OUCH!!!

Thank God! Ten years ago Sifu Cruz put a coupon in the newspaper advertising 2 free classes. At that time I was new to Cape Cod and was searching for a place to belong. I knew little about martial arts (other than the movies) and found the mystique of kung fu intriguing. So I came in for the free classes. I found Sifu Cruz and his student instructors warm and engaging. This positive first impression along w/ the promise of learning an ancient martial art lead me to joining the school. Little did I know the grand effect this decision would have on my life. After a few years of taking classes I had a pleasant surprise. I would meet and marry Cecillia Phelan, a student of the school. We now have two children, Christopher age 6 and Stephanie age 4. Christopher is now a purple sash in our Mashpee school under Sifu Mike Dimagio. Sifu Cruz's compassion and professionalism with regards to his students is truly inspiring. The skills he teaches are ingeniously practical and effective. He maintains a family friendly environment while producing a cutting edge martial arts curriculum. I wish to say thanks to Sifu Cruz for all that he's done for my family and I. It has been a pleasure for me to be a part of his school and to call him my friend.

Kevin Stiles: Age 41, married w/ 2 children
Business: 7yrs ownership of "Cleaning With Stiles" a commercial and residential cleaning company
Martial Arts Training: 10 years to the present at USA Kung Fu Academy Hyannis Ma. under Sifu Eric Cruz
Martial Arts Rank: Black Sash
Education: Completed 2yrs of college, majoring in phsycology and philosophy, scoring a B average

March 7th, 2006 

When I found USA Kung Fu Academy, I found my true home for martial arts training. Here is taught the complete and true art. Following 4 major back surgeries, I had to learn correct body movement in order to continue training. Master Instructor Eric Cruz opened many doors for me that I thought were closed forever.

The finest teacher of martial arts is right here on Cape Cod. Come see what you've been missing; not just what you desire but what you need, for health, fitness, confidence and peace.

Brian Cameron, Mastery Student 
"I train because I love to stay in shape and I love the challenge. I also love the fact that no one can take it away from me, it's up to me whether I find success in it or not. USA Kung Fu Academy, to me, means loyalty, family and teaching self-discipline and self-respect. I feel that true Kung Fu is not given. Only the ones who have true commitment, integrity, and respect for the family of all Kung Fu will master it. Kung Fu is a daily endeavor and I have nothing but respect for it." 

Liscensed plumber working for E.F. Winslow, currently training to be a Master Plumber

I am 79 years old and have been a student in his Tai Chi classes for over six years. He is an excellent teacher, and imparts the movement and philosophy of Tai Chi with skill, dedication, discipline, and humor. His classes are lively and enjoyable. I know him to be honest, fair and considerate, a professional exponent of health and fitness. My strength, balance, and self-confidence have improved immeasurably under his instruction."

Sheila Marble, Tai Chi student

My son has been a student at USA Kung Fu Academy, training with Sifu Eric Cruz, since 1995. Sifu's program has provided him with the consistency of a year round physical training program which has greatly enhanced his performance in all of his other sports. My son is able to excel at competitive high school athletics because he comes better conditioned, disciplined and more ready to understand competition than his many of his peers who have not had the advantage of his Kung Fu training. More importantly, Sifu has been a positive, reliable mentor to my son since he was four years old. His unfailing guidance and support has been critical as my son has matured. Sifu is always available to his students and their families- stressing that their conduct at home, at school and in the community is a reflection on the student, family and USA Kung Fu. My son and I are very fortunate to have a friend in Eric Cruz and I strongly recommend USA Kung Fu Academy to my friends and they have started to recommend USA Kung Fu to their friends.

Liz Savoie, mother of student Peter Grazul

We the grandparents of a black sash who is in training under Eric Cruz ,and we would have him train again in a heartbeat. We consider Eric Cruz and everyone at USA Kung Fu Academy family. The training has given George the confidence to be his own person, to do the right thing in all aspects of life, to be honest, and to be respectful of adults and people of all ages and ethnicity. George has been with Eric in training since he was five years old. Eric has always been there if someone needed to talk no matter what the subject. He has been like a father to George as he lost his Dad to a car accident when he was eight years old. We are now and always have been and always will be 100% behind Eric Cruz and the work he does with the students at USA Kung Fu Academy.

Fritz & Ellen Hampe, grandparents of George Barber, Black Sash